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A radio show that ignites energetic and intense discussions while mixing the best in sports news to inform, educate and entertain! Line up of well-known local and national guests, correspondents and experts

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The Each One Heal One Radio Show. The show dedicated to informing families on the injury and healing from socio-cultural, multi-generational, and systemic trauma. Each One, Heal One Radio Show •What is Socio-Cultural Trauma? •Cultural trauma has been described through historical events such as the result of conditions forced upon African Americans during slavery and the decades of discrimination and oppression that followed (DeGruy-Leary, 2005). •The implication is that cultural trauma, unlike physical or emotional trauma, represents a dramatic loss of identity and meaning that causes damage to the collective group’s social fabric (Eyerman, 2001) . •How does one learn personal, social, cultural, ethnic, and collective identity? The socialization practices used to instill these aspects of self-worth may not be commonly shared by the parents or caregivers. Without intervention or “different” information, most parent can only raise their children from the same understanding that they, themselves were reared (Nyame, 2016).

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