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Each One, Heal One Radio

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The Each One Heal One Radio Show.

The show dedicated to informing families on the injury and healing from socio-cultural, multi-generational, and systemic trauma.

Each One, Heal One Radio Show

•What is Socio-Cultural Trauma?

•Cultural trauma has been described through historical events such as the result of conditions forced upon African Americans during slavery and the decades of discrimination and oppression that followed (DeGruy-Leary, 2005).
•The implication is that cultural trauma, unlike physical or emotional trauma, represents a dramatic loss of identity and meaning that causes damage to the collective group’s social fabric (Eyerman, 2001) .

•How does one learn personal, social, cultural, ethnic, and collective identity? The socialization practices used to instill these aspects of self-worth may not be commonly shared by the parents or caregivers. Without intervention or “different” information, most parent can only raise their children from the same understanding that they, themselves were reared (Nyame, 2016).

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Each One Heal One crew

Dr. Nyame states his greatest passion is to bring children and families that have experienced traumatic and/or stressful social and cultural events, to a place of finding wellness. Helping individuals, families, and diverse groups develop healthy relationships and find common human connections that strengthen harmonious racial and cultural differences. Dr. Nyame focus is the betterment and well-being and healing of the human existence.   Dr. Kiah E. Nyame serves as Founding Executive Director of Ujima Rochester/Ujima Atlanta, Inc. from January 2002- present. Ujima is a pro-social development agency serving severely-at-risk youth and their families. Dr. Nyame created in 2011 the African World History Classes in Rochester and Atlanta to support lay-persons, youth, human service and education professionals increase knowledge of the historical contributions of the African Diaspora. Dr. Nyame serves as a Social-Justice and Program Evaluation Consultant, as well as a Cultural & Social Trauma Educator. He co-founded in 1997, Umoja n Recovery a chemical dependency recovery group dealing with issues that are specific to African Americans. He has served as a founding member of the Rochester Fatherhood Resource Initiative Inc. He has served as an Effective Black Parenting and Family Consultant and Young Men’s and Young Women’s Rites of Passage curriculum developer and trainer. Dr. Kiah E. Nyame has over twenty years experience in the education, juvenile justice, and youth behavioral fields. His expertise is in family, youth, and generational cultural trauma and youth intervention/prevention. Dr. Nyame is a Licensed Professional Counselor, Certified Executive Leadership Coach, Certified Program Evaluator, and an Organizational Equity Transformation Consultant.