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SiStar Soul A Woman born and raised in  Chicago Ill. Her certifications include Reiki healing, Anger management, Depression, Family &  relationship counseling. She is the sole owner of A.K Randle's Natural Nature with products that have been proven to ease pain, help with cell rejuvenation, organ cleansing and detoxing. She also have 8 years of experience in my areas of expertise and my ultimate goal is to help people become more open minded spiritually and mentally.     https://akrandlesnaturalnature.com/

I am a 23 year old with big ideas and a lot of questions. I always try to push the boundaries and ask the questions people are scared to. I am 23 years old  and a college graduate from William Paterson University in New Jersey with a degree in Communications, media. Talking to people is one of my passions and I'm glad to bring that to our network.

The zealest and trillest sports show in upstate NY