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Levi Hooker aka Hooker 360 host of aspect360. Born & raised in Philadelphia . Growing up always been a sports guy played it as a youth, . Became more in tune with the knowledge  of the game . Football , basketball, baseball. “You name it I can talk it”. “I want to bring my aspect […]

The zealest and trillest sports show in upstate NY

Stanley S. Joseph is a Haitian Born in the United Stated. Since a very young age he had an unique persective in life and how he approach things. A very creative individual who has taugh himself how to build games, learn philosophy, social media marketing, graphic design and many more skills he require over the years! Stanley is the founder of Sony Blaze Corner, Haitians of Rochester New York and the Host of Deep Talk.

Rick Tony the radio persona of Erick Myrthil host of Erick Hour with a background of 8 years in media brings you Erick Hour the result of when you take the muzzle off of a topic and allow people to speak freely on the issues that affect the black community today