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Creepy prognosis: Pandemic 2, bio terrorist attack 2025

Written by on 27 November 2020

One of the richest people in the world, known as eccentric, a little arrogant, and that’s why a good number of people don’t like him. Without his computer technology, we would not be able to communicate globally and exchange information like this. The inventor of the perative system, and then found a virus for them, which he released into the network with the help of his engineers. Immediately after that, he found an antivirus that we had to buy.

A familiar pattern?

Many of his words are taken out of context (that is what is believed) and put into the function of conspiracy theorists. One of his famous statements is related to the criticism of Donald Trump because he stopped funding WHO.

He is also known for his “prophecies about humanity and the coming problems” which have come true.

His latest prophetic statements are related to pandemic 2 in the form of a bio terrorist attack. Namely, this pandemic is “predicted” for 2025 and there will be a large number of people who will lose their lives.

Do you believe in such “forecasts”?

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